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Equine Sponsorship Application

Hero Kids Foundation is able to provide nature based equine-facilitated psychotherapy. Barb Ford, M.A, NCC, CTRI, our Director of Equine, provides programs in wellness, women’s issues, solution-focused therapy, and family counseling.


This nature based program allows Hero Kids Foundation to provide a unique opportunity for the children, and family, to deal with the daily stress and challenges, of having a parent(s) in uniform serving their community and country.


Our Scholarship provided access to one on one (1 child to 1 horse) therapy, children’s group, and equine therapy and opportunity for family counseling in a nature-based setting.  families can receive a combination of these therapeutic modalities.



 +Once the application is received you will be contacted by our Director of Equine Therapy for consultation and after the consultation, your application will be reviewed by the board. Once the board approves you will be contacted once again by the Director of Equine Therapy to schedule.

++Please allow up to four weeks for this process to be completed and for you to be contacted.

*If you feel you have a situation that is in need of a more direct and immediate response please contact Hero Kids Foundation at or call 757-598-4HKF.

All HIPAA regulations and requirements are adhered to.

Thanks for submitting!

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